Carnaroli rice with summer truffle – 350 g

Carnaroli rice with summer truffle – 350 g

15.00 BGN

Carnaroli rice, with its classic long shape, is the most appreciated rice variety for cooking risotto. If you are looking for something special with truffle, do not lose the opportunity to try it: an exceptional, tasty and quick dish that will be ready in a few simple steps.


Nutrition declaration:

Energy – 334 kcal/1502kJ

Fat – 0,9 g

(of which saturates – 0,2g)

Carbohydrate – 78 g

( of which sugars – 0,2g) 

Protein – 7,6g

Salt – 0,01g

Fibers – 2,7g


Carnaroli rice 98%, dried summer Truffle 1%,flavours.

Origin: Italy
Storage conditions:

Keep in a cool and dry place, away from light and heat.

Allergens: –
Cooking time – 20 minutes.