Parmesan and Blanchetto Truffle Cream – 80 g

Parmesan and Blanchetto Truffle Cream – 80 g

14.00 BGN

The Speciality with Parmigiano Reggiano and White Truffle, thanks to its delicate taste, is perfect to cook many dishes.


Nutrition declaration:

Energy 330 Kcal, 136 Kj

Protein 2,9g

Carbohydrate 4,5g

(of which sugars 1,5g)

Fat 33g

(of which saturates 24g)

Salt 0,79g

Fibres 0,5g


Sour cream , Parmigiano Reggioano, cornstarch, white truffle 3%, salt, flavours.
Оxidizer: Е270

Origin: Italy
Storage conditions:

Оnce opened, it must be kept in the fridge and used up within a few days.

Allergens: –
It doesn’t need to be cooked and can be added directly to the dish.